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What is Equine Therapy:

“The premise is that we invite horses into the therapeutic process to help us facilitate building a relationship with the client, there is numerous benefits to that…” “It is like working with a highly skilled nonverbal co-therapist…” ~Ioana MĂRCUȘ

“Equine-assisted work honors the natural behavior of horses and herds.  Horses are skilled at keeping themselves safe and adept at survival; their natural behaviors are optimal for mental and physical health.  In many respects, humans have lost the instinct to keep themselves safe and healthy.  We entrust horses to show us the way back to health.  Work and observation in the horse world lends itself to extremely powerful metaphors into our own patterns, strengths, and the nonverbal messages we send out…” ~Greg Kersten http://okcorralseries.com/about




Physical Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Health and Emotional Disabilities, Geriatrics, Family Issues, Veterans and PTSD, Rehabilitation from Prison, Addiction… ~Davorka "Dada" Suvak

 People are able to be more open and vulnerable around horses.

Shelley Green and Valerie Judd from Episode 5 discuss several populations that they have served through Equine Assisted Activities:

  • Counseling, psychology, and family therapy students can enhance their clinical skills and understanding; maybe in the future there will be "Equine Assisted Clinical Supervision;"
  • Medical Students can learn communication skills, improve their patient/ physician-relationship style, and increase emotional intelligence;
  • Foster Care and At-Risk youth,
  • People with mental health or substance abuse issues,
  • Couples and families dealing with conflict, stress, and life transitions such as divorce, new relationships, grief and loss, children leaving home, school issues, etc.
  • Agencies interested in building their Team, such as Corporations, Police/SWAT, School Staff, and Church Staff,




Shelley Green and Valerie Judd's program, Stable Place in Fort Lauderdale FL, are working on a 2 year research project supported by a grant through the Florida International University and the Ware Foundation. The research is focused on Equine Therapy working with kids in Foster Care. Shelley Green and Valerie Judd's program offers a great opportunity for research because all staff are trained in the same theoretical model or Family Therapy based Equine Therapy, trained through Nova Southeastern University.



Benefits of Therapeutic Riding:

“Expand moments for volunteers and kids with disabilities to increase social connection, that we are all together. Increase their feelings of being accepted, respected, and connected.” ~Davorka "Dada" Suvak



What is Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP)?

“Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy  (FBEAP) offers experiential healing , deliverance, communication, teambuilding, and personal growth experiences to individuals, groups, families and marriage enhancement, corporate team building, by teaching individuals how to follow the leading of the Unseen Facilitator (Holy Spirit).  Equine nonverbal communication, herd behavior, and equine development, demonstrate successful interaction as an example for human relations. These movements paralleled with the movements Jesus made while in ministry, create a clear, healthy pattern of thought and action for us to follow.”

~Elaine Davis with Unbridled Faith


Terminology with pebbles turbeville:

Equine Therapy: Usually therapy done to the horse.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Therapy done by a licensed therapist with the assistance of a horse.

Equestrian vaulting: Gymnastics on the horse and it could have a big focus on team work.

Equestrian Driving: Horse is pulling a carriage.


Equine Programs:

St. Andrew’s University Equestrian Program, Laurinburg, NC  www.sa.edu/equestrian

Hearts TRC: LLC is a therapeutic horseback riding center for children and adults with disabilities. heartstrc.com/


Elaine Davis and Unbridled Faith, Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy, www.unbridledfaith.org/

Shelley Green is an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family therapist) and Professor of Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You can learn more about Dr. Greens work at: http://cahss.nova.edu/faculty/green.html

Stable Place, offers a variety of equine assisted clinical services, education, and training in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Shelley Green and Valerie Judd are the directors of Stable Place (Episode 5).

Linda J Salinas -- www.lindajsalinas.com/

Horse Whisperer, Liberty Training, Carolyn Resnick Method, Animal Communication, Animal Communicator, Linda SalinasLinda Salinas Equine, Waterhole ...

OK Corral Series with Greg Kersten    www.okcorralseries.com/

The O.K. Corral Series educates, promotes, and supports professionals in the practice of authentic equine-assisted work. Authentic equine-assisted work honors ...

SPIRIT Open Equestrian – Equine assisted activities therapy and ...


Spirit Equestrian offers Therapeutic Riding, Equine-assisted activities and lessons to help foster growth and personal development in the lives of its participants ...

Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies - Home   www.gestaltequineinstitute.com/

The Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies (GEIR) combines the passion for horses and Gestalt therapy in a Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy (GEP)™

PATH INTERNATIONAL    www.pathintl.org/

A membership organization which fosters safe, professional, ethical and therapeutic equine activities through education, communication, standards and ...

EAGALA Primary site | The Community Network for People Interested ... www.eagala.org/

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) is the leading international nonprofit association for professionals incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs.  Our vision is that every person worldwide will have access to these therapy services known as Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Natural Lifemanship: Home Page    https://naturallifemanship.com/

Natural Lifemanship™ is the new standard in equine-assisted psychotherapy, and one of the most sought after trainings in trauma-informed mental health.

Equine Assisted Assets--About EAA


About EAA. Equine Assisted Assets has been established by Pam Salem, business owner for 35 years. Because so many good people helped me get started, ...



Ioana MĂRCUȘ' Book Shelf:

Walking the Way of the Horse: Exploring the Power of the Horse-Human Relationship, by Leif Hallberg 

Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse, by Linda Kohanov 

Horsewatching: Why does a horse whinny and everything else you ever wanted to know , by Desmond Morris 

A Journey to Softness: In Search of Feel and Connection with the Horse, by Mark Rashid 

Body of Awareness: A Somatic and Developmental Approach to Psychotherapy, by Ruella Frank  

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity, by Kathy PikeMary Beth MeyersMelisa PearceAnna Twinney, & Susan Williams

Meditation for Two: Searching for and Finding Communion with the Horse, by Dominique Barbier and Keron Psillas

"Something you said...", by Mark Rashid

More Than a Mirror: Horses, Humans & Therapeutic Practices, by Shannon C. Knapp

Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior (A Harvest Book), by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson

The Horse Boy: A Memoir of Healing, by Rupert Isaacson

Learning Group Leadership: An Experiential Approach, by Jeffrey A. Kottler and Matt Englar-Carlson


Book Recommendations from Linda Salinas:

Naked Liberty by Carolyn Resnick

The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals by Carol Gurney

"Any of Mark Rashid's books"



Harnessing the Power of Equine Assisted Counseling: Adding Animal Assisted Therapy to Your Practice, by Kay Sudekum Trotter

Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses, by Allan J. Hamilton MD

Riding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal, by Tim Hayes 



Building Better Boards: A Blueprint for Effective Governance Hardcover – December 30, 2005

byDavid A. NadlerBeverly Behan, and Mark Nadler 





Horses & Humans Research Foundation  www.horsesandhumans.org/

Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) exists to facilitate universal understanding and appreciation of the significant influence of horses on humans.

American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.  www.americanhippotherapyassociation.org/




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