Show Notes

Episode 6

About Elaine Davis:

Elaine Davis was raised on a horse farm outside of West Bend Wisconsin. Her father brought two of the first four Quarter Horses to the state from Oklahoma in the early 1940’s. She attended Oral Roberts University and majored in Psychology and she is ordained with Impact Ministries International, and was the head of Women’s Ministries and Youth Groups for many years. With her combination of growing up with horses, psychology major, and faith; she looked for a way to put them all together and found the OK Corral Series with Greg Kersten. After attending several workshops with Greg she developed the Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP). She currently runs Unbridled Faith, which offers certification in FBEAP, retreats, and one-on-one private sessions.


Where to find Elaine:


What is Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy?

“Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy  (FBEAP) offers experiential healing , deliverance, communication, team-building, and personal growth experiences to individuals, groups, families and marriage enhancement, corporate team building, by teaching individuals how to follow the leading of the Unseen Facilitator (Holy Spirit).  Equine nonverbal communication, herd behavior, and equine development, demonstrate successful interaction as an example for human relations. These movements paralleled with the movements Jesus made while in ministry, create a clear, healthy pattern of thought and action for us to follow.”


Equine Programs Mentioned:

OK Corral Series with Greg Kersten (Check out episode 3!)