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Linda is an expert in training people to have a relationship with horses. Having a positive relationship with your horse will take care of many other issues. Linda uses an at “liberty” model, meaning that the horse will have free will to leave or except. Linda trains people through the Waterhole Rituals, to view and communicate with horses through the horse’s communication style and perspective.

This training can lend itself easily to counselors within equine therapy by teaching clients be able to relate to others through these same communication skills. Counselors can assist the client with their interpersonal skills by helping them process information from the other person’s perspective and learn to respect their autonomy. Linda also discusses how our “agenda” can be a distraction and cause tension within the relationship.

Linda gets into great detail about distraction and using equine therapy to self-redirect, reconnect with ourselves, experience present emotions, and be in a more authentic state.

Linda discusses the use of energy within the horse and client’s relationship and how to work with that energy. Such as, starting with a guided meditation, and working with emotions.

Once again, Linda shows how horses have an amazing ability to allow people to be vulnerable, more in-touch with yourself, and being more authentic. This will naturally lead to a connection with nature and healing. This also includes looking at the person in a holistic way, body, mind, and spirit; in order for growth.


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“Ever wondered how to train a horse at liberty from the beginning?  Want to improve your connection and relationship with your horse?  Want your horse to perform from the bond vs. the training?  You won't want to miss this demonstration and play day.”  

“Join Linda Salinas at her farm in Gastonia, N.C. for a play day in the Waterhole Rituals.  Learn how Linda has created a magical relationship with her horses at liberty.”  


Linda puts out really beautiful content on her website and videos on Youtube. Just from a professional stand point, please check her out.  


Linda is also doing an amazing 7 night, 5 day training and retreat in beautiful Costa Rica, February 18-25, 2017. Click here to find out more!




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